Thursday, September 20, 2007


Aren't these absolutely fantastic?
Maggy & Zoey at did them for Mommy! She especially wanted Seaborne done because Tatum (his favorite human) is leaving for England in about 8 days to study for 9 months. Tatum is so upset about having to leave Seaborne! Maggy & Zoey did more "Seaborne Studies" and Mommy will post those as well. They are so creative! Special thanks from Mommy to them!

Seaborne's bags are packed!
Triple threat!

This one is Mommy's favorite!


Cheysuli said...

Those are all such great shots! We love them. We love ours too!

The Crew said...

Maggy & Zoey are so creative!

It's nice that Seaborne will be taking an overseas trip. I hope he tells us all about it.

Karen Jo said...

Maggy and Zoey are great. Your Mom's favorite picture is my favorite, too.

Lux said...

They're all great but that last one is absolutely adorable!!!

TT said...

Perhaps the bean can calls you on the loud noise on the wall thingy? Mommy always is talkings to something on it.

Dragonheart said...

Those are very cool! :) Fabulous pictures!

Eric and Flynn said...

Lovely pikchurs. We like the last one the bestest too.

DEBRA said...

Fantastic doesn't even behind to describe how great these pictures are! Maggie and Joey are ... catastic!!!