Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Seaborne: "Well, since the Bissell site "ate" my picture, I've decided to endorse another product.
FRESH STEP, it's my favorite litter!"

Seaborne: "What do you think Sassy?"

Sassy: "Oh Fresh Step is a great litter! Mommy would not buy any other litter for us. It is the best!"

Seaborne: "The box is so colorful!"

Summer: "I'm raising my paw to solemnly swear that I love this product!"

Seaborne: "Spats, what do you think?"

Spats: "Oh, I love Fresh Step too! Our room is always has such a fresh scent!"

Seaborne: "Hmm....where is Sam? I want his opinion."
"Is he downstairs?""SAM, WHERE ARE YOU?
"Good grief, guess I'll go and find him!"
Sam: "Seaborne, what are you yelling about?"
"Oh, okay....everyone, I LOVE FRESH STEP!
There, Seaborne are you satisfied?"
Seaborne: "There you have it everycat! Five out of five Taylor CatSSSSS love FRESH STEP CAT LITTER! Try it yourself!"


Marilynn said...

Fantastic photos! REALLY FANTASTIC captions!!

We love Fresh Step, too -- otherwise, our grand-bean Austen and our slave-bean Marilynn would have tossed us outside long ago!


Grace & Company

Daisy said...

It must be good if you all agree! We use that crystal kind of litter.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Thank you for the compliments. We use Multiple Cats cause....well we are multiple cats...hee hee!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Yes indeed, I can't imagine getting all cats to agree. We have several different types of litter for everyone!

ML said...

Great commercial. Seaborne is a big marshmallow, isn't he. You just want to squeeze tha stuffing out of him.
I looked on that darn Bissell site for two whole hours, trying to locate Seaborne. It's there loss, though.
So sorry, Seaborne.
Happy Valentine's Day to the Taylor CatSSSS.
ML & KC & Missy

Anonymous said...

Well, it does sound unanimous, but we use some other kind that Mom complains about every times she carries it in.

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

I looked too! Darn them anyways! You would have been a shoe in Seabourne.
We use fresh Step here too. It is the best! Even though I am little, I can pee like a race horse on a flat rock!
Bravo for sending CHurchill a goodie guys just rock! The whole CB rocks with love on this special day! Happy Valentines to all of you my friends!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

We use that stuff too! And the Lady cuts those paw points off the side. She said she was gonna get us something from their catalog with the points and we were thinking she meant toys or treats or live rodents, but you know what she's ordering? A PTU ON WHEELS! Yuk!

Vincent and Mike said...

Hi Seaborne. We found you on the Bissell site and voted for you (you're still there now). We really like your Fresh Step endorsement, and we're sure their producers will be calling any time now.