Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Spats & Sassy: "Just look at what we caught trying to get up the stairs to Mommy's bedroom! It is a MOUSIE!"

"But don't worry, we will get rid of it!"
Sassy: "Hey Mousie, what do you think you are doing?"Spats: "Help, it's attacking me!"
Spats: "Look Mousie, you can't go up the stairs!"

"Ms. Robyn, does this look like the Mousie that kept you up the other night?"
"The Mousie tried to escape down the stairs!"
"Don't worry, we got him...her??"
"Look Mousie, you can't stay around here making noise!"

"We have to get rid of this Mousie!"


Cheysuli and gemini said...

You are very smart to kill that mouse!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Nice job attacking that mousie! Well done!

ML said...

Can't quit laughing at this. Too funny. No mouse is going to get past those Taylor CatSSSS, either.

Daisy said...

Good job catching the mousie! He sure has a long tail.

Anonymous said...

Mwahahahahahahaha! We buns love to chomp up those mice also! ~Fiona Bun

Hot(M)BC said...

Well no wonder I slept better last night. Thanks you guys! (Will you show it to the Hotties too so they know what to look for???)

Jan said...

Hooray! That's one mouse that won't bother Miss Robyn any more. And it was very nice of you to print her a note to let her know who killed it.