Friday, March 14, 2008


Mommy saw this on psychokitty's blog:

"Hmmm...This is bugging me...I got a link request and because I like adding new kitty blogs to my blogroll, I added it. But then I started looking at the page and realized MY picture is on it, as if I was one of the kitties blogging there. The picture been Photoshopped to remove my collar, but other tell tale signs show that it is definitely my picture. So then I started wondering if any of those other kitties pictured are actually a part of that blog or not. You might wanna go see for yourself,* to see if your picture is there on the sidebar. I emailed and asked about my picture, but I haven't really given them a chance to reply...but I can't think of a single good reason why they're using my image without my permission, especially without acknowledging that it's me. And why remove my collar??? It's really, really bugging me!"

Well, Mommy checked it out and they are using and abusing lots of kitties that are NOT THEIRS, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE CLAIMING THEY ARE! They are making fun of some of our friends!

Mommy compiled a list of places to send complaints -- she already has send complaints:



The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

I got this reply from the blog site:

OMG, we are sooo sorry! PLEASE FORGIVE US. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Skeezix!!! We didn't mean to make fun, we think he is ADORABLE!
Our Human Mom has taken anything to do with Skeezix and other stuff off our blog. :(

The 6 Cats of Inverness

Hmm...interesting that she took down Skeezix, but left up other cats with wrong names.

The Crew said...

Thanks for looking into this. We're not sure if the picture that looks like me is actually an altered "me", but the "Mindy" picture is obviously Max!

Why would someone do this? If they love cats, go adopt one (or more).

Your friend

Jan said...

This is ridiculous! No one has the right to just help themselves to other's material and try to pass them off as their own. That's called stealing. Good thing psychokitty caught it and got the ball rolling.

Oh, and by the way, has anyone complained to blogger?


Anonymous said...

I just commented this on Max's blog:
I did some investigation too... the banner on the left with the 6 kitties is linked from http:// www.historicviewpostcards...vernesstxxx.jpg

When i removed the jpg-file i came at their postcard site with email address and everything:

Let's go after them!!


Big Piney Woods Cats said...

I found the following on the side bar:

Harvey Family Tree

The 6 Cats of Inverness, Copyright ©2004-2008 Betsy Linhares

DISCLAIMER: WE ARE BLOGGING FOR FUN ONLY. NOBODY IS MAKING $$$ HERE. Most of the cat pics featured on this blog are a collection of various images found on the internet (credit is posted) and altered to fit the mood of the post. If you find this offensive we are sorry. T6CI

This is SO wrong on so many levels!

CalicoMom Toni

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

The "disclaimer" is new. Since I emailed "Betsy", she has taken off Skeezix and put up an apology..too little to late if you ask me! But then she put up this "disclaimer" -- Like that makes everthing okay!


This is her email address above. Please write and let her know that she cannot steal pictures and make them her own.

ML said...

If you go to this page, you will see Max posted as Mindy. There is no credit given here, as per her recently installed disclaimer.
Also, just FYI, her blog, as it was before, is completely backed up as evidence. With all the copyrights displayed on it at the time, I doubt she can claim ignorance. And the removal of Max's identifying collar via Photoshop would imply knowledge that it was not legal (help me here, Deb, don't know the terms).

Cecil the Cougar: said...

Wowie I am soooo embarassed to say that my Mommy once lived in Inverness. It is a very small little town run by what she calls peoples with necks that are red. They love cows. I do not see why Mommy says this in a bad way because I love cows too!! She says that some of the people in this town are not very smart and that they probably don't even know what they are doing. There is not much education in the town. But ignorance is no excuse! I will be writing to this Inverness person right away!

cyclone cats! said...

we gotted that same canned email response this morning.
to acknowledge they are stealing pictures is WRONG!

bad beans!!

Beau said...

This sort of thing is happening on UnitedCats as well, and something needs to be done!!

Our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we pray Percy gets well super fast!!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Just looked an the web site has completely changed. Title is now "we otta here" an it's all fambly pics an jeanie... gene... fambly history.

It's so easy to start a blog, I amost thot it mite be a sticky little person, but they don't rite disclaimers.

Nobody better try that wif Bonnie!

Derby said...

Yep, like Victor I dropped in tonight the site is totally changed, even though the URL is the same.

But I did see all the kittie pictures yesterday. Today gone and the blog is now called WE OTTA HERE.

Thankfully we got them quick and showed them they can't mess with the kitties of the Cat Blogosphere!

Purrs to The Taylor CatSSSSS for leading the charge on this one!

The Meowers from Missouri said...

YAY Taylor Catssssss for leadin' us to the front of the charge!! thank you for the heads-up.

may bast bless li'l percy an' see you all through the next stage of his healin'.

peeyes: we hasta wonder, though, how much of the present incatnation of the "we are otta here" bloggie is real an' how much is meadow muffins . . .

ML said...

KC said...
Yup, tha Taylor CatSSSSS human really worked on this one, my little spun when she told us all tha fings she did... don't mess wif us cats.

The Cat Realm said...

We saw the blog with all the stolen kitties too - a pretty bad blog, we thought. But it has totally changed.
The email does not work in the way it is given, I was going to email her...
We still think there is something very fishy about this whole thing.....

Kaz's Cats said...

Yayyyy! Great work by the all of you kitties at the Taylor Cats and your human, along with the other blogging kitties to get the stolen pictures taken off that 'blog'. Like the Cat Realm, we think that there is something very fishy going on, especially with the way that the 'blog' has completely changed with taking down all of the kitty pictures - very 'dodgy' as my Mum would say,


Gypsy & Tasha