Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Toesies

Summer: "Hi! Mommy said that I could take over the blog today! This is me sitting very lady-like by the fireplace!"
"These are my toesies! Mommy loves to kiss on them!"


Daisy said...

Summer, you sure are a pretty calico lady. I am glad you had a chance to take over the blog!

Lux said...

Hi Summer! My mom would love to kiss on your toes, too!

ML said...

Hi Summer, You have very purrty toesies. Who could blame her for wanting to kiss on them?
Hope your Mommie is feeling better today.
Missy Blue Eyes

Black Cat said...

Your toesies look very kissable:)

Happy (belated)18th birthday to Sloane. She's very pretty and what an unusual name; is she a "Sloane Ranger"? :) xxx

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

We finally got in (we hope) to comment on your blog! Stupid dial-up. Anyway, Momma luvs to kissy on our toes and she smells them too (please don't tell anyone, it is barrassing.)