Sunday, March 23, 2008


We were so good for Carrie, the catsitter, that she left this note for Mommy:

It says: "Hi - hope you had a nice time. This is the nicest group of cats I've ever taken care of -- I just love them! Please call just to let me know you are home.
Thanks, Carrie"
Spats: "Hi Mommy, I'm waiving to you...well...sort of! Seaborne, tell the others that Sloane & Mommy are home!"
Seaborne: "HEY ....SLOANE & MOMMY ARE HOME!"

Summer: "Hi! We missed you!"
Spats: "What! You are leaving again tomorrow for Texas? Are you serious? YOU JUST GOT HOME!"

Seaborne: "Sam, have you heard that Mommy & Sloane are leaving AGAIN?"

Summer: "I am not happy about this!"
Sassy: "They just get home and POOF....they are leaving again....MEOWRRRR!!"
We are staging a protest!
Seaborne: "Just look at this face! How could you leave it again???"

Sam: "Thpttttt!"

Mommy Deb: "For the record, Sloane and I are leaving in the morning to go to Texas to visit both Grandma Taylor, my mother (Nana) and my sister! The Big Guy is back from England, so he will be here to take care of the kitties. We will be back next Monday. Hope everyone and everykitty has a fantastic week!"



Anonymous said...

We would stage a protest too. We would not like it all if our Mom traveled so much. We'd fall seriously behind in having her adore us. That's hard to catch up on!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh I would protest too. I mean really. At least your cat sitter has taste though...

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Yay on your humans being home, and on the fact that you had a great cat sitter, but boo on the fact your mom is going away again.

Asta said...

Oh I bet youw sittew was so happy to be with you, you look like the nicest most bootiful catses awound!1 I love all the pictoowes of you..I'm sowwy youw Mom is leaving again..I'm going with my pawents to Italy on the 31st till the 9th, so I won't be able to talk to you much , but when I get back..I'll see you again I hope..I'm glad youw pawents liked NY..I wish you could have come to visit me
smoochie kisses

Daisy said...

You must have been very, very well-behaved to get such a good report card from your sitter. I am very proud of you.

MoMo said...

Gee, that's not so nice that your mom is going away so soon again! Good to hear that they had a great time in NY though. Hope you all had a nice Easter!

Mickey said...

That sounds like a sitter to keep :)
But your Mom leaving you again!
I would be very upset too :(
Tell her she better bring back extra special treats!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

Derby said...

Just enough time home to do the laundry and repack. But if Dad is home, that means Carrie won't be over to play with you.

The Cat Realm said...

What wonderful pictures! But you have to find some kind of punishment for the humans to leave you alone so much!!!!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Well, talk about rats deserting the ship. At least it isn't a sinking ship. The captain will be on board.

Tell them they are not allowed to have a good time again, but they are to return home with LOTS of appeasements for their furry family.

caspersmom said...

Yeah, I bet all of you had Carrie twisted around your paws and had her doing just what you wanted. Gosh are you sure you know what your Mom looks like since she's gone so much?? Oh well, maybe they will bring you lots of treats back this time and stick around awhile.


Hope they have a good time anyway.

Beau said...

That would soooo make me hissy!!
You won a kitten squillion!! Please donate your $20 to LillyLu. (Donate button top of her sidebar.) Please email me letting me know when done, along with your snail mail addrs, so I can get your squillion ready for travel, and they will go out sometime next week. Concatulations!!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

hey - guess what? we just seen yur mom offur on Missy an KC's bloggie! an she's cuddlin' them an bringin' them purresents! mebbe you gotta go check this owt!

Lux said...

Those pictures are the greatest! That was such a nice thing for your sitter to say ...

The Cat Realm said...

I guess your humans are still in Texas... just saying hello!!!

Parker said...

How nice that you were good kitties for the sitter. Now, go poop on Mom's pillow for leaving you again!

Adan*Michico said...

I would protest too ~!!!
I hope you have a sitter!!

MoMo said...

Thankyou for calling while I was ill. I am better now. Come again and we can play!

Camie's Kitties said...

We hope you had a good time on your trip. Don't forget that you were our winners for our 100th post contest. Please e-mail us at TARAMORSE (AT) aol (DOT) com or camieskitties (AT) aol (DOT) com with your snail mail address so we can send your prize.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie