Sunday, May 25, 2008



Get your motor running
Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way
Born to be wild
Born to be wild
Written by: Damian Marley
Rocky - (with Auntie Deb & his Mommy Retta - Deb's sister) when he was 4 months old

This is my woofie nephew ROCKY (aka THE ROCK STAR), now age 3, on his daddy's Harley. Don't worry! Rocky is just posing for the pictures. When he rides, he ALWAYS wears his helmet!

Every year, here in D.C., we have one of the most amazing sights that you will ever see. It is called Rolling Thunder. Think 100,000 plus motorcycles all together and you've got Rolling Thunder. If you've never checked out Rolling Thunder, a massive scene of motorcycles on Memorial Day, you absolutely must check it out this Memorial Day weekend. It is truly awe inspiring!

The event, which drew more than 850,000 participants and spectators in 2007, according to Rolling Thunder National estimates, is expected to draw even larger numbers this year. The demonstration is intended as a peaceful way to get the government and the nation thinking about POW/MIA issues. Thousands and thousands of bikes, thundering down the road from the Pentagon headed to the reflecting pool at the Lincoln Memorial, does a nice job of getting attention! In fact, that noise of a mass of bikes is where Rolling Thunder got its name.

Incorporated in 1995, Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is a class 501 C-4 non-profit organization with over 85 chartered chapters throughout the United States. Membership is composed of men and women, with 40-45% being non-veterans and the balance being veterans from all wars and peacetime. Although many of its members ride motorcycles, a person does not have to own or ride a motorcycle to be a member, just the time and willingness to be an advocate for our troops, veterans, and POW/MIAs. For more information about Rolling Thunder, visit the organization’s web site at

The major function of Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is to publicize POW-MIA issues: To educate the public that many American prisoners of war were left behind after all previous wars and to help correct the past and to protect future veterans from being left behind should they become prisoners of war-missing in action.

We are also committed to helping American veterans from all wars.

Rolling Thunder®, Inc. is a non-profit organization. Members donate their time because they believe in the issues we are working on.


Christine and FAZ said...

Hi Guys, nice post, very interesting to hear about Rolling Thunder - an important cause.

Parker said...

Mommy loves Hogs and has been to Sturgis a few times. Me - not that much inro motorcycles. They are too loud!

Angus Mhor said...

I could live without all that loud noise-you've seen how I react to the Garbage Truck! My mom was muy impressed, tho, and is glad that so many will take the time to remember.

Daisy said...

That is one cool motorcycle! I wish I could ride one of those; after all, I already have a Harley T-shirt.

That sounds like such an impressive event, and a really great cause. Ride on, Rocky!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

You go Rocky. What a great cause to be riding for!

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

Wow, dat sounds awesome! Daddy's a veteran AND a motorcycle enthusiast! We'll have to tell him about it.

Asta said...

What a gweat mission statement..I hate that we keep saying we suppowt the twoops, and then we dismiss them when they come home wif big pwoblems..thank you fow that post!
love you guys
smoochie kisses

ML said...

KC said...
Ride, Rocky, Ride in Rolling Thunder. I's know that Auntie Deb wants a Harley of hers furry own. Maybe she'd take me on a ride, too.
Rolling Thunder is a grrrreat group.
Hope the Taylor CatSSSSS bean's had fun being a part of Rollin Thunder today in DC! They's even wented to Arlington National Cemetery.
Love & Purrs,

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

That sounds like a terrific event! Your woofie nephew is very cute!

Starbuck said...

Awww, Rocky is adorable, and for a dog, doesn't look very scary! (This is a good thing!)

Anonymous said...

As Rocky's mommy, thank you for all your sweet comments about my puppy. He's like my baby and he's extra special being a gift from my sister and my husband. By the way, Deb, my password doesn't work. help