Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hi! I asked the Taylor CatSSSSS if I could take over the blog today since I have so much news. They had a conference and graciously conceded to let me write today!

Sloane and I got to New York on Tuesday afternoon. After checking into the hotel and getting her NYU pass, we took a cab over to ASTA'S HOUSE! We got to meet Asta and her parents Ami and George. They live in a beautiful apartment near the river. Actually only about twenty minutes from Sloane's dorm. Oh what fun we had. Ami and George were so gracious to allow us to come over to their lovely home. Asta is the sweetest woofie! Sloane and I fell in love with all three of them!

We sat and chatted with them for hours. Ami is an incredible artist. She showed us a lot of her art and it is simply amazing. Their apartment is a unique showplace. They have taken an apartment and turned it into an amazing piece of art itself! George has made a lot of speciality pieces for the apartment. Ami's art decorates the walls. I would love to have some of her artwork, so I'm going have to see when her next showing is. (FOR THE RECORD, WE BOTH WANT TO MOVE IN WITH THIS WONDERFUL COUPLE!)


Sloane & Asta

I got to meet Myrna!

Sweet Asta

Smoochie Kiss

Beautiful Asta

Let's Play Ball

Sloane & Asta

Then Asta and George went to the run while Ami showed Sloane and me around their neighborhood. Then, we all went out for a delicious dinner at a restaurant that they frequently go to. The best part was that we ate outside so that Asta could join us! The meal was wonderful and the company was just amazing. Sloane wants Ami and George to adopt her! Asta, of course, attracted lots of attention. She LOVES to give smoochie kisses and I LOVE to get them!
Ami & Sloane

Have a bite to eat

Ami & Asta

After dinner, George, Ami and Asta walked around with us showing us the highlights of the neighborhood. We finally left them around 11:00 p.m. I am greatly relieved to know that Sloane has friends live so close to her! George and Ami are two of the most amazing people I have ever met. I feel blessed that they are now such good friends.

Deb, Asta, Ami & Sloane
Asta, Ami, George & Sloane
On Wednesday, The Big Guy and Tatum drove to NYC from Maryland with most of Sloane's stuff. We spent hours getting her dorm ready. (I mainly just supervised!) Afterward, Sloane was ready to start her NYU student experience. Tim, Tatum and I got home last night around 9:00 pm.


Asta said...

Hi Catsssss!!
you awe so gwacious to give ovew youw blog to youw Mom and let it be inundated wif pictoowes of me..I loved youw family..we awe going to see lots of them..Sloane is the nicest young hooman I have evew met!!!!
They awe gweat kissews, and we had the bestest time.
I'm sowwy you didn't all get to come too..youw Mom missed you and I'm suwe she is wallowing in kitty love wight now..make suwe she takes cawe of hewself!!!
love and smoochie kisses

Parker said...

Wow, what a great adventure and you got to meet the wonderful Asta and her folks!

Purrageous Pirates said...

It looks like everyone had a great time and meeting Asta and her family had to be a blast!!

ML said...

KC said...
O, Asta looks like such a sweet woofie... I wants Asta smoochies, too. I's wants to go to New York.
Sloane's new room is nice, she looks all ready for school.
How is mine Auntie Deb? Bet tha kitties is glad to haf you back.
Love and purrs,

Lorianna said...

Asta is adorable! How great that Sloane has such dear friends near her on her new college adventure. I'm sure the Taylor 5 and Mom will miss her very much. Watching them grow is bittersweet isn't it?
Now, it's time for Mom to take care of herself. Snuggle with her okay kitties? :)
sending hugs,

Chairman Mao said...

Oh wowie, it looks like you hadded a wunnerful time. I'm glad you got to meet Asta and her beans!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Sweet Praline said...

Watch out, a woofie is working her way into your mom's heart!

The Meezers said...


Billy SweetFeets

Marian said...

Wow! What a neat experience. We hope Sloan has a great life at college. And, how lucky to meet such wonderful people by way of the intertubes!
:o) Thomas, Phoebe and Trixie

Mickey said...

How wonderful is that!!!!!!! Not only do you meet Asta , but her folks as well :)
It will be comforting to know that Sloane will have friends that live close by ;)
Looks like all had a great time too :)
Purrs Mickey & Mom

Chesney Cats said...

Looks like you had a fun trip, Asta is a beautiful woofie!
We hope you are feeling OK.

Hugs & Purrs,
Sammy, Festus & Emma

Camie's Kitties said...

Hi, we are so glad that you got to meet Asta and her Mommy and Daddy. Mom got to meet Victor's and Nina's mom and boy and Grr's, Midnight's, Cocoa's, etc. Mom and two of her girls, and loved it. They all had a great time too. We think it is really nice that we can meet such wonderful friends thru our blogs.

We missed you and are glad you are back home.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

PB 'n J said...

That is soo pawesome! We love Asta! We're glad that Sloane is all settled in and that the trip went well.

Take care Auntie Deb!

Cat Street Boyz said...

OMG! mommy says Asta looks just like her doggie Tippi when she was a teen! She said she had to redo so many homeworks 'cause Tippi would drop her wet ball on it so she would play ball! When everyone was busy Tippi would run up the stairs just get the ball to the edge tip it..then race down the stairs to catch it in her mouth. When her ball got dirty she would put it in the bathroom sink , sit on the toilet seat and stare out for a bean to wash it off for her or she would wash it off herself if you just turned on the water!
NYC is a very special city and so are the people that live there. It is the greatest city in the world! We live only 2 hours from the city( Hey mommy you are taking over our comment!) Well it was nice that you had such a great visit, thanks for showing it to all of us=^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

Angus Mhor said...

Angus' Mom says: What a wonderful way to start off her college experience. It'll make you feel better, too, Deb, to know there's someone nearby that Sloane knows. The Big City can be a bit overwhelming when it's just you. I hope Sloane has a great first semester!

Alasandra said...

We are lucky our eldest boy bean gets to come home from college on the weekends. We would all miss him too much otherwise.

Getting to visit Asta and her family sounds wonderful. Sloane looks very happy at college. ~S, S & C

Petey said...

Hi Catssss and Deb!

When Sloane needs a Cattt Fix, she can come visit Mica, Petey's brother. And from what Asta's told me, Sloane sounds like the PERFECT person to throw the tennis ball for us for hours and hours at a time!

So don't worry about your Sloane Kitten, Deb, between Asta, her Mommi and Daddi and me and Mica and our Mommy, Sloane has SIX new friends off-campus to look after her!

Your pals,

Petey and Mica

Leigh said...

Sounds like an amazing time! I'm very jealous! ;) Glad everything went well. :)