Monday, November 22, 2010


I am Sam.
Sam I am,
thinking deep thoughts
about the furriends that we've lost.
Among those this weekend
were Inigo & Miss Patches, two very good furriends!
We want to extend our sympathy
to their wonderful families.
This week is a time to be so very thankful
for all of our friends who make our lives full!
So, take a moment today, if you can
and give thanks for our CB clan!
Also, we have lots of others friends
whom we have met through other means.
Woofies, goats, fevvers and "beans"
a great deal to uSSSSS, they mean!
We value you all and thank you so much!
Even though, lately we have been out of touch!
Mommy is doing much better, indeed
So now we will go and visit our friends , whoopee!
Have a wonderful day,
now I must be on my way!


Marilynn said...

Yes, this entire week will be a wonderful time to think about and be thankful for all the family and friends in our lives. Of course, all the good things that have happened and are happening are worthy of thanks, too, but usually we have little control over those. Family and friends help us get through the times - whether awful, wonderful, or somewhere in between.

Love and hugs to our Auntie Deb, SSSSS, and all your family!


Marilynn, Grace & Company

The Monkeys said...

You've got the right idea, Sam. We are so thankful for the CB and all the wonderful friends we've made!

We are so sad about Inigo, and we didn't know Patches but we will definitely go by to send our condolences.

Sammy and Andy said...

What a great poet you are, "Sam I Am"..........Our "Sam What Am" wishes he could do such a great job!!!!!!

We love all of you bunches and are so thankful that we know you and have you as friends.

Hannah and Lucy said...

That was an excellent poem Sam - we would be sat here all day just whapping the pencil instead of being creative like you.
It was a sad weekend here on the CB but it helps when you have made some good friends like you.
luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Yet again, when we came over to read yoor prose,
Sumfin mighty strange arose!
We suddenly found we couldn't meow,
It seems that we had forgotten how!
Efurrything we say now seems to rhyme,
Although we're still enjoying a good time!

Dear sweet Sam
Thankful yoo am
and so are we
that we know thee.
And we too are sad
and feel very bad
about those we have lost,
before the winter frost.

Yet amid this stife
we are glad that each life
was full of laughter and love.

So dear sweet Sam,
although it's right we shed tears
and throughout the years
remember our friends,
we should remember with joy
each cat, girl or boy,
And the time we all shared.

So we are happy AND yet sad,
tearful yet glad,
And will never foregt
those cats we have met.

Katnip Lounge said...

We are very thankful to be part of such a great clowder of Cats.

cats of wildcat woods said...

We are very thankful to have a home, friends and to be part of the CB family! Nice post guys. Glad Mom is feeling better.

Brian said...

Sister Sascha was right Sam, you do have such a way with words!

Kea said...

Sam, while we've been around the CB only 10 or 11 months, we're very grateful for all the furriends we've made and for the amazing support we've received.

It's not our Thanksgiving (Canada's was in October), but every day is a good day to live in gratitude.

Blessings and Peace.

BeadedTail said...

We're grateful for all our furiends we've met in the CB. They've welcomed with open paws my sisfurs and me. We're sad about the furiends we lost last weekend. We'll think of them right up until we meet them again.

Daily Dose of Dogs (aka Cats with your Coffee) said...

Sam, you are truly a poet. Thanks for reminding us how lucky we are to have the furiends that we do, and for helping us all remember those who have moved on.

Ginger Jasper said...

You are indeed a poet sweet Sam. We have so much to be thankful for and we should all be so glad for all the friends we have.. I am so sad at all the friends we have lost and send love to all their families.. Hugs GJ x

Eric and Flynn said...

We are sad to have lost more friends, but thankful to have known them.

Angel and Kirby said...

We are very thankful to all out CB friends and very thankful that Auntie Deb is feeling better!

Trixie said...

I think about my brother and sister and our other friends who have gone to the Bridge. This is a good time of year for reflection.

The Island Cats said...

We love your poem, Sam!! We wish we could rhyme as good as you!!

We are sad about our furiends who have left us, but we are grateful for all the furiends we have in the CB!!

A few Good Cats said...

Sam, you're wise to lift up all our friends, those who are with us and absent ones too.

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Sam you are a great Poet!! Your poem was lovely!! We shall miss our furiends, too, and are so glad for all the furiends we have made at the CB!! And We are glad Auntie Deb is doing better!!
((((((HUGSSSSS)))))) from your TX furiends,

Karen Jo said...

I am very glad that Auntie Deb is feeling better. I enjoyed your poem very much, Sam. I,too, am sad about the friends we have lost recently, but very glad that I knew them. I am very grateful for all the friends I have met in the CB.

Sweet Praline said...

I love the poem and I love the Taylor Catsssss and Auntie Deb. So glad to hear that your mom is doing better.