Saturday, April 5, 2008


Hi all, this is Emily from Texas, and yes, all the woofies get to live with me! :D I just wanted to say thank you for all who are keeping my grandmother in their prayers. The family is very grateful.

On another hand, Beezer, let me reassure you that Nemo is my pup and he definitely gets plenty of loving. Actually, he probably gets more than the other two dogs. :D I don't know if the pictures allow you to see much, but Nemo is a dachshund and very very short. Therefore, when he looks up at the person taking the picture, his eyes look sad. I just wanted to clarify. After all, Auntie Deb is giving him a ton of loving in that picture, and he is certainly giving it back to her! :D Hey, the text even says that she snuggled with him all week. I don't know how much more loving he could get! I'll try to send my aunt a happier looking picture of Nemo so everyone can see he is one happy woofie! Thank you, HRH Yao-lin, I'm thrilled that you think Nemo is so adorable. He is my woofie, and I must say I agree with you! :D

Now I know I talked a lot about Nemo, but gosh, I love the other ones just as much! Comet was one of my first pets, and he was actually given to me and my sister, Beth Ann, in my stocking on Christmas! I know, it's surprising to think he was that small! He's nearly fourteen years old now, and he is extremely adored.

Rocky just joined the family about two years ago, and my mom is just attached! She can't get enough of that little pooch. :D

Again, thanks to everyone who is keeping my grandmother in their prayers. Our family could really use it right now. Thank you, everyone.

(Deb's niece Emily -- isn't she gorgeous!)

Nemo getting lovin' from Emily
Just look at that face!

Every time he looked at me, I had to give him a smooch!

Love the ears!

Nemo's paw -- great nails
Ahhh....the sweetness!
Kissing Auntie Deb!
Sharing Auntie Deb's coffee!

I miss Nemo, Rocky & Comet! Well, Emily, Beth, Retta & Chip too! They are the "beans"! I didn't get any pictures of Franklin...the turtle. Next time!


Krayon said...

She is gorgeous.....must take after her aunt deb...... The woofie isn't bad either........ Where is the furry one?

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Hi everyone! Krayon is my sister Retta! We both know that my two gorgeous daughters take after her and her two gorgeous daughters take after me! Hmm....not quite sure how that happened...genes are weird! HEE HEE!!!

Retta, my baby sis, is a master of many trades: she is a wonderful wife and mother; she can bake the most beautiful cakes; she works as a legal secretary; she is a professional clown (Krayon). These are just a few of her accomplishments. Mostly she is just the best sister in the world! I am very lucky to have her for my friend and sister!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Adorable photos! What a cute woofie. We are purring and praying for your Grandma!

Daisy said...

I am still keeping your grandma in my thoughts and purrs. Thanks for telling us more about your woofies! And I want to say that I think Emily has the prettiest, sunniest smile I have ever seen!

MoMo said...

Hey guys, there is a Welcome Home Party for Asta starting on the evening of april 7, a full day BEFORE Asta is due back and will go on for a full 36 hours and more. It is organized by her terrier friends. We cats are invited. Come along!

Mickey said...

Oooooooooo,Emily is very pretty :) Nemo looks like a friendly little dog too,heehee
I will send your Mom some purrs so she will feel better and some to your Grandma too ! You guys be sure to look after your Mom :)
Purrs Mickey

One-Eyed Jack said...

Nemo seems sweet, for a woofie! Our landlady has a woofie like that called Eli, he keeps coming in our house and sniffing around, but he's good, and doesn't bark or chase us, so he's ok!

We hope you mommy and grammy are feeling better!


PS, that was some adventure you had on St Patricks day!

Anonymous said...

Your neice is so pretty.