Monday, May 19, 2008








ML said...

Wow, what handsome mancats. Happy Mancat Monday to both of you.
Purrs from the Sherwood Bunch:
Missy Blue Eyes
Faith Boo

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Happy Mancat Monday! We just heard dat yoo mommy has an ouchie in her back...maybe yoo should lay on her and purr, dat will make her better really fast. In da meantime we will purr and purray dat she feels better really fast.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, Auntie Deb, We are all sorry to hear you are in pain and we are sending purrs your way for a quick recovery.


PB & J said...

Happy ManCat Monday you handsome devils!

DEBRA said...

Oh Seaborne and Sam you two are both furry furry handsome mancats. Please go purr on your Mom and make her feel better and tell her not to worry about those packages and to get her bed rest. We wish we could be right over to help because we would....

and Grace purrin and purrin

The Meezers said...

Happy Mancat Monday!!!

AUNITE DEB!!!! ME is coming ofur to purr on you!!!! GET BETTER!!!
- Billy SweetFeets

Mo said...

Hey Deb - get some good rest!!!
I've been fighting a kidney stone for over a week, so I know that back pain SUCKS!
Sending purrs from the kids,

Daisy said...

Those are some very handsome Mancat photos! I hope your mom's back feels better soon. I will purr and purr for her.

Liss said...

How handsome

Angus Mhor said...

Hey Sam! Hey Seaborne! My mom says that somebody over there has a thing for dat guy in West Wing! Is that true?

P.S. I hope your mom's back is feeling better.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Thank you everyone for all of your kind words and everykitty for all the purrs! I really appreciate it! I finally made it down to the computer....had to see my friends! I'm on bedrest until Wednesday. Okay, I'm cheating a little right now!

Angus, I am impressed that you put the Sam Seaborne together! I was going to do a contest to see if any one could figure out why we named Sam...Sam. We had Seaborne first, so when we got another male just made sense to name him Sam. Seaborne was actually "born by the sea"! In Seaside, Florida!

Kisses to my Billy Sweet Feets!

Love to all!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Purrs and more purrs! I hope you get better.

Willow said...

Woo hoo - what handsome mancats you two are today! I love how you picked the name for Sam! Hope that your mom is feeling better really fast!

Purrrrrrrs, Willow

Jimmy Joe said...

Hey buddies! Lookin' good on Mancat Monday! I heard your momma Miss Deb hurt her back. I'm sending you lots of purrs and furs to get better soon, Miss Auntie Deb.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

MoMo said...

Hey Auntie Deb, sorry to hear about your back. Do rest up -hope you are back to normal soonest.

Purrrrrrs from me,

PS Seaborne is slowly getting back to his floofy self. What gorgeous mancats they are!

Mr. Tigger said...

Wowie, what wonderfully handsome Mancats you are!! We are purring for your Aunt Deb for her back to get better! Purrrr, purrr, purrr!
Your FL furiends,

Mr. Tigger said...

PS: That was from Samantha, too. I forgot to change the name back to Samantha & Tigger!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh my sweet Auntie Deb I am so sorry you have an ouchie back. I will come right over with a pot of camomile tea and some hot rocks to lay on your back. That always make one feel better. Plus I will sing you the Stray Cat Strut song:)) then you will smile:)
Love Miss Peach

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Two handsome mancats! We just read about your mom's back. Poor her. :( Sending lots of healing purrs her way.