Tuesday, September 16, 2008


NEWEST UPDATE (7:00 p.m. EST):
I talked to ML and Charley a few minutes ago. They are fine, but things are beginning to get a bit more desperate. Both ML and Charley need to be where they can have access to electricity. Right now the weather is cooperating, but the temperatures are expected to rise. Their supplies are running low, so I am going to get on the telephone to see where I can find extra water,etc. for them. Please keep them in your prayers.
Right now, I am a bit worried about ML and Charlie. I haven’t talked to her since early yesterday. I have left messages on her cell phone, which she usually checks. I am hoping to hear something from her today.

My sister (Pryor Pups) is in Jasper, Texas (east Texas) staying with her mother-in-law. She has Emily, my niece with her as well as all three pups. Her husband had to stay behind in Mont Belvieu, the small Texas town where I grew up and Retta has always lived. Mont Belvieu took a beating, but Retta’s house is fine. She just lost her fence. Down the street from her, people lost their whole houses. Chip works for Bayer (as in the aspirin people). He is one of the main supervisors. I know that the Bayer facility came through the storm pretty well. Chip has a generator at their house that was donated by one of their friends, so at least he can sleep in a fairly comfortable environment. Bayer has their own backup system. Retta is missing so much work. She works as a legal secretary in Houston. She actually has my old job. When I left, they asked me if I could replace myself….so I did….with my sis! She has a heck of a commute every day, about 1 hour each way. But, she is working because her youngest daughter, Emily, is a senior and will be starting college soon. Retta is trying to save up enough money to make this process easier on the family. The legal firm isn’t even open. There is so electricity to any of the business buildings thus far. They are not on the priority list, and rightly so. I’m just glad that Retta, Emily and the pups have a safe place to stay.

My Mother is still in a nursing facility in Navasota, Texas. This is near San Antonio. St. James House, her nursing facility in Baytown withstood the hurricane quite well. They are just waiting for the electricity to be restored before they can return. They are on the priority list, so hopefully this will be soon. Mother is doing fine. I check on her every day. I can’t talk to her, but the nurses reassure me that she is quite content and enjoying the change of scenery.

I talked to Marilynn (Grace & Company) on Saturday and know that they are okay and their family is too. I talked to Marilynn on the phone (the phone service is working), but she still doesn’t have electricity. Her family is doing fine. Thankfully, the weather has been somewhat cool, for Texas weather, and they aren’t suffering too badly. Unfortunately, the weather is expected to get much hotter towards the end of the week.
Mommy: "Sam, what's wrong?"
Sam: "I'm worried about my sweet Missy Blue Eyes!"
Mommy: "Well, I talked to ML yesterday and they were doing okay. They still didn't have any electricity and that can be a severe problem. I tried to call today and hopefully I will get a call back from her. I'll let everyone know as soon as I hear from them. In the mean time, we can all send PURRS AND PRAYERS to them!"
Sam: "I am sending my biggest PURRS to my Sweetie and all her family!"

Mommy: "Look Sam, this might cheer you up. We got hammocks in from Forty Paws. Aren't they just beautiful? I got four of them because we already have one. Now every Taylor Cat will have one!"

Sam and Seaborne are checking them out!
Sam: "Hmm, this one feels just right for me!"
Sam: "Ahhh....purrfection!"
Spats & Sassy agree!
Thank you Forty Paws! These are fantastic!
Oh, and I got my "fan chain" in from Artsy Catsy and Mr. Milky. It is beautiful. I promptly turned it into a wonderful key chain! It is purrfect and exactly what I have been looking for. If you can't use it for a fan pull, you can get creative and use it for something else! I think it would make a beautiful necklace as well!


Angus Mhor said...

Hey, Sam! 'Course I put your song on the blog..That's what we DO! I'll be purrin' and purrayin' for your Missy Blue Eyes and her family, too..If there's anything my mom could do, you let us know..we're all the way up in the Panhandle, but distance isn't a big deal in Texas...'cause there's so much of it!

And, hey, those hammocks are cool!
And, double hey, I hope your mom's feelin' better!

DEBRA said...

Oh pleeze tell Missy and all da kitties (and o'course ML) dat we is finkin bout dem and purrin relly hard furr dem 'lectricity stuff to be turned back on...

purr purr purr

OH my dem is sum nice hammicks..


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Please tell Missy and KC that we are continuing to purr that they get electricity back soon and that they are okay.

We love your hammocks. Momma says that all of us would never both to use such nice things as we are just so contrary...

Tiger Lily said...

Please tell Missy and KC and ML that we are prrrrrrrrrrrrring and wagging our tails for them. Being without electricity is NO FUN and we hope it will be back on soon.

We are glad the shots seem to have worked for your Mom this time!

Thank you for keeping us updated.


Jemima, Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

Forty Paws said...

Ham-Micks!!!! How beeyoutimus is those Ham-Micks! Yay! And such a pretty keychain from Artsy Catsy too!

We sure do hope that KC and other people can get there power restored soon. We feel so sorry for those living in the low areas who lost so much.

Luf, Us

Alasandra said...

That is a great key chain.

We are purring for everyone in Texas who is without electricity and hoping that they are enjoying cooler weather like we are in Mississippi. It's very nice out here we turned the AC off and opened the windows, so we hope it is equally nice there.

Purrageous Pirates said...

We hope Missy and KC and all the kitties in Texas get their powers back soon! In the mean time, those are some really cool hammocks!!

The Meezers said...

we is purring and purraying for Missy and KC and all the Sherwoods!!!!

those hamm-icks look comfy!

Anonymous said...

You can be sure that we are purring and purring for everycat and their families in Texas!

Parker said...

Is there anything better than a 40 Paws Hammick?? I think not!
And that work of art from Artsy Catsy? It is so very, very pretty.
We hope that our Tx friends are OK.
We continue to purr for them!

Eric and Flynn said...

We are still purring and praying for our furrends ML and the Sherwood Bunch,and all the Beans and all the animals in Texas. We hope they soon get power back.
What a great idea to use the fan pull as a keyring.
Those are great Ham-micks furrom Forty Paws.
We hope your mum's feeling better and better every day.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Pretty Ham-micks! We have two and have to take turns using them.
We hope ML gets electricity soon!
~ Anna Sue

Asta said...

I saw youw bootiful song on Angus's bloggie!
I'm sending all my powewful tewwiew vibes and pwayews to Missie Blue Eyes and hew whole family!!!!
Youw hammocks look supew ..specially wif all of you on them
smoochie kisses
pee ess. special kissies fow youw Mom too..hope she's feeling bettew!

Princess said...

I love your hammicks. It lookks like everyone is super happy
puurrs for a wonderful day!

Samantha and Mr. Tigger said...

Thanks for letting us know about all the people in Texas that were effected by IKE! Please send ML and the Sherwood Bunch our prayers! We lived through 3 Hurricanes in one year in the middle of August in swap box FL with no power and we feel there pain! We are so glad you are feeling better and the hammocks are so cool! So is the fan pull chain that Mr. Milky made!
Your FL furiends,

Mickey said...

Give my purrs & hugs to ML and her family when you talk to her :)
Those ham-micks are pawsome :) Looks comfy too!
Your Milky 'fan chain' is really cool!!! They are all very pretty too :)
Purrs Mickey

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh no Auntie Deb! You fell down the stairs!!!!! You are not being careful and now I have to worry about you too?! I am so glad that the new round of shots have done a fine job this time. It is what I have been praying for!
Everyone we love and know in Texas is in our finest purrrrrayer around here. Your family is safe and that is such a blessing to know that.
I am doing well and taking my medicine and sleeping lots and staying out of trouble...please you do the same OK?
All my love to you and all the Taylor Cats, your Miss Peach

Shaggy, Scooby and Scout said...

We hope you hear from ML soon and all your friends & relatives are doing ok.
Those ham-micks rock!!!! You guys are so lucky!

Lux said...

I hope you hear something from ML soon and that everything's okay.

Those are some beautiful ham-micks - enjoy!


Jan's Funny Farm said...

Someday we're going to convince Jan to get rich so we can move into a house big enough to get some of those hammocks. They look so neat. But we don't even have room to put them up. Sigh.

We're glad ML is okay. We're purring for them to be okay and get whatever they need.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Please tell them that we are purring and praying for them. We are very concerned for them. puuuuuurrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssss

please keep us posted whenever you can.

how are you feeling Deb?

Sweet Praline said...

We are purring and praying for all of our bean and fur friends in Texas.

Derby said...

Lots of purrs for ML, Charley and all of the Sherwood bunch.

meemsnyc said...

We are going to purr a lot for the electricity to come back. We feel so bad for everyone in Texas that was affected from Ike. We pray for them all.

Those look like awesome hammocks!

Chesney Cats said...

We are purring & purraying really hard for the Sherwood bunch to get their electricity back on very soon. We want them to be safe & we miss them very much.

Hugs & Purrs,
Sammy, Festus, Emma & Mama Rhonda

mog said...
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mog said...

Tell Missy, KC and ML we are purring and purraying for them to get electricity soon before it gets hot out.

Miz Mog and kitties

goldenshade said...

We are purring for ML,KC and Missy Blue eyes too. Hope they get the power on soon!!!

Great key chain. The PM has been eyeballin' those!!!

I myself, have been eyeballin' those hammicks!!!

purrs Goldie