Friday, March 27, 2009


Spats: "Howdy Ya'll! Well, Mommy is leaving us today to go to Texas. She will be staying with Auntie ML, Uncle Charley and all the Sherwood Kitties. Mommy has all her doctor's appointments scheduled in Houston. We will miss her, but we know that the Sherwood Kitties will take good care of her!"
Everyone take care and we'll be back blogging soon!


Chesney Cats said...

Please have a safe trip Auntie Deb!!

mog said...

Hope all goes well at the docs and try to have some fun on your trip. And stay safe.



Miz Mog and Meowza

Asta said...

Thank you so much fow telling us
I hope auntie Deb has a safe twip and good luck wif hew dogtows.
Be good little kitties menwhile(wink wink)
love and smoochie kisses to all of you

Camie's Kitties said...

We hope you have a safe trip, and hope that your mom isn't gone from you too long.

Good luck with all of your appointments Auntie Deb.

Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

Eric and Flynn said...

Have a safe trip Auntie Deb, and we hope everything goes well at your doctor appointments.

Alasandra said...

Auntie Deb we are purring for you and Fenris is wagging his tail as hard as he can that you will feel all better.

Taylor Catsssss we look forward to seeing you soon. ~S,S,C & F

pughy said...

Good luck with the appointments hope all goes well Try to enjoy the trip a little too.

We will look out for you when you get back.

Hugs GJ xxx

Two Sisters said...

We hope your Mom has a safe trip and her appointments go well!

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We hope your mom has a safe trip and a fun time with the Sherwoods in between doctor visits. Keep each other company and her bed warm till she gets home.

Angel said...

Have a safe trip and hope all goes well. We will miss you and wait for your return!

Sweet Praline said...

Have a safe trip, Auntie Deb. I hope all of the news from the doctors is great.

PinkynAsh said...

We hope your Mom has a safe trip,and we hope to hear from you kitties soon.

Elin! said...

Me purrrrrrrrs for your momma!
Have a safe trip!

See u later!

kiss kiss!

KC said...

Don't worry too much, Taylor Cats, we's taking good cares of yours Mommie, ours Auntie Deb.
Love & Purrs,

pee ess: Wish yous could come play wif us.

Baby Patches said...

You musts going to miss your mommy but I am sure she will be backs soon. That is a purrty picture of you Spats!

Steppa and her Babys +Lover Guy said...

kc we vill miss you and you mommy u bee good see you soon

Karen Jo said...

I am hoping and praying very hard that Auntie Deb's doctor appointments all go well and she won't have to wear her brace any more.